Why Are Dental X-Rays Important?

Usually, most dental patients will need to go through a new dental x-ray procedure at least once a year, during the patient’s dental checkup. Depending on how long it has been since you have been seen, don’t be surprised if the dentist would like to do another x-ray to see if anything has changed since the last visit. There are several reasons why dental x-rays, even yearly ones, are important for the dentist to really be able to help you.

If you are about to be going to your own dental checkup and think you might have to go through another dental x ray conroe, then you might be wondering what all of these annual x-rays actually do or how they end up helping you. Your dental x-rays are important in a number of ways. Let’s make sure you are familiar with how your x-rays factor into your treatment.

X-Rays and You

You can usually expect to need to get an x-ray if you match one of the following criteria for your appointment. Keep in mind that while you might not want to have to do this every year, it is for the sake of your oral health, and only takes a few minutes. It is also painless, making it one of the easiest things you can do at the dentist’s office!

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·    If you’re a brand new patient. Usually, you can expect to receive an x-ray if you are a brand new patient having a first appointment with a new dentist that you have never been to before.

·    If your dentist suspects something is wrong in your mouth. If you dentist thinks something is wrong in your mouth, he may order x-rays to check if you have cavities, a tooth that needs pulled, or something else entirely.

·    Checking on progress from other treatments. X-rays can be a good way for the dentist to get a good visualization of how progress has been made with treatments you may have been going through.

Whatever reason you need to get an x-ray at the dentist, you can be sure that it will be quick, simple, and completely painless. It can be a great way to see a visual representation of your oral health, so make sure you listen to everything your dentist tells you with regards to how your x-rays look.