Cleaning Services For Those Who Don’t Clean Up Afterwards

Consider it a positive development when there has been construction work done to or on your business premises. Long-outstanding repairs may have to be attended to. That moment when you re-open your doors for business after refurbishing work has been completed could be quite an exciting time. Or is this your first time? Nevertheless, it could have been just so irritating. It could even be disruptive to the flow of your business going forward.

You see, the thing is, those construction workers, they said they cleaned up after they finished their work. But when you went to have a look, you found out that it was nothing of the kind. Just a case study. Hypothetically-speaking, this could be you. Or it could have been. Because it does not need to be. Not a case of water under the bridge, or letting the dust settle (how long that must take!), but just get a hold of yourself.

Get a hold of your own business. Take own initiative and set up a post-construction cleaning services colorado springs contract already. In the time that’s left, here’s a brief intro to what you can expect from your short-term contract. The contract should be designed to make the last stages of your construction project as easy on you as possible. The cleaning consultant will work with you on-site.

post-construction cleaning services colorado springs

You will be under no obligation. Doors, door frames, vents and lighting fixtures and fittings will be cleaned and polished. Windows will be cleaned inside and out. Walls, baseboards and carpets will be attended to as well. Ceramic tiles will be deep cleaned, grout extractions done too, if necessary. They do power washing too. And this cleaning business is licensed, bonded, insured and eco-friendly. More to follow?