Usually, most dental patients will need to go through a new dental x-ray procedure at least once a year, during the patient’s dental checkup. Depending on how long it has been since you have been seen, don’t be surprised if the dentist would like to do another x-ray to see if anything has changed since […]

For a long time, one of the core staples of any marketing campaign has revolved around the all-powerful mailing list. For digital advertising, it’s all about building up your list to email your customers. For physical advertising, however, things get a little more interesting and personal. You can build up a list of actual customers

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DIY is becoming common in Chattanooga as homeowners search for simple solutions to expensive service. And while DIY repairs can save money and time, some things are best left to the professionals.  Repairs that you should never attempt without a professional, unless you have experience in the field, include: ยท    Roof Repairs: Walking on a

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Consider it a positive development when there has been construction work done to or on your business premises. Long-outstanding repairs may have to be attended to. That moment when you re-open your doors for business after refurbishing work has been completed could be quite an exciting time. Or is this your first time? Nevertheless, it

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